Legislative Services

City Clerk's Powers

The City of Alice is a home rule municipality which draws its power from its charter and has all powers not specifically limited by the Legislature or the Constitution. The Office of the City Clerk assists in ensuring affirmative duties of the City of Alice are met.


The City Clerk:
  • Oversees the execution, attests to, and ensures proper recordation of all minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and contracts approved by the governing body in accordance with the requirements of the Texas State Library
  • Prepares for all City Council meetings, public hearings and work sessions; attends all meetings of the Alice City Council
  • Coordinates proper administration of the records of the City
  • Handles publication of official notices for the City Council
  • Serves as the Official Custodian of Records for Council
  • Prepares all honorariums and coordinates ceremonial items and swearing-in events for the Mayor and Council
  • Is authorized by Charter to accept service of process and citations on behalf of the City of Alice
  • Accepts petitions filed by citizens
  • Issues certain permits and licenses for various operations within the City of Alice including alcoholic beverage licenses, carnivals, parades, and use of City property permits