How to Pay a Ticket

Paying Ticket Options

You can appear for a citation in court before your court date, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm at 415 E. Main where the Municipal Court is located.

There are several options available for satisfying the fine and court costs that are associated with your citation. You can pay the full amount, request an extension of 30 days to pay the full amount, or request time payments. Be aware that if you request time payments a one-time $25 fee will be added to each violation and you will be required to make four equal payments, one each month, until the total is paid off.

If you cannot afford to make payments, you have the option of doing community service to satisfy the fine and court costs. The places that you can do community service is the Recycling Center, city landfill, city animal shelter, or police dept. For every hour that you work you will receive $12.50 off of your fine and court costs.

Deferred Disposition and Defensive Driving Options

If you would not like the violation to appear on your driving record you have two options; Deferred Disposition or Defensive Driving. If you request Deferred Disposition you will be responsible for the fine and court costs and will be placed on 180 probation. Your driving record must be clean to receive Deferred Disposition and you must be over 25 years of age. Requests for a smaller probation period must be made to the Judge at court.

Defensive Driving is available to anyone who has a valid driver license and insurance. You can only take Defensive Driving once every 12 months and court costs must be paid at the time of your appearance. Requests for extensions on Defensive Driving must be made before the Judge in court. Both of these options are primarily for moving violations that will appear on your driving record if you are convicted.

Court Payments

For payments the Court accepts cash, money order, Visa or Mastercard (debit or credit). Cashiers checks are accepted but absolutely no personal checks. If you are mailing your payment make the money order out to Alice Municipal Court and mail to:
Alice Municipal Court
415 E. Main
Alice, TX 78332

Please include a copy of your citation or write the citation number on the money order.